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6th Sense Tennis Academy Belgium

Welcome on the official site of the 6th Sense Tennis Academy. You are in the part of the site dedicated to the 6th Sense Belgium.

L’actu des joueurs full-time…Irina Khromacheva is playing the finale of "Les Petits As" in Tarbes this Sunday (match to follow on the internet, more details in the news).

Alec and Yannick are playing a "future" in Côte d’Ivoire. Yeroen, Jeroen, Laurent-Olivier and Yoannis are in Tunisia to play an ITF Junior. They both have decided to extend their collaboration beyond their respective careers, Justine and Carlos have founded the 6th Sense Tennis academy & Sieges-auto.

Through 6th Sense they want to bring the best out of any player, whether practicing or competing. They will be assited by a team of highly motivated trainers who share their quality standards, their vision and core values.